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How You Can Help Raise Even More Funds at our Annual Cliff Walk!

Patients Like Me logoIf you’re living with A.L.S. or a Caregiver for someone who is, you can help our ALS Foundation earn donations (for your “Cliff Walk” team) from our friends at PatientsLikeMe.

For the last few years, PatientsLikeMe has helped sponsor the Annual “Cliff Walk®” for A.L.S. Fundraiser and they’d like to help you and your team raise funds and spread awareness through PatientsLikeMeInMotion.

It's a great community where you share real world information which helps drive new research and medical advancements that can help everyone living with ALS.

How can I get my team sponsored by PatientsLikeMe?

You have to be living with A.L.S. or a caregiver for someone who is.

It’s easy...

Visit PatientsLikeMe

  1.  Click "Join Now"
  2. Complete your Health Profile to become a three-star member of the PatientsLIkeMe ALS Community. (Having three-stars means you’re a member of the ALS community on PatientsLikeMe that has an up-to-date health profile).
  3. Submit your request for InMotion Sponsorship.
  4. After you’ve signed up with PatientsLikeMe, please Email us: and let us know!
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